In the light of the “National Skill Development Policy 2011” and “National Youth Policy 2017”, a2i has taken various skill development initiatives to harness the power of youth. One of them is the formulation of the CMSME framework to ensure all services to small and medium enterprises (CMSME) entrepreneurs.

A CMSME framework should be developed to ensure access to skills, finance, market access, and services for cottage, small and medium enterprises (CMSME) entrepreneurs. For this reason, a workshop was already held on April 27, 2022, with the offices associated with the 4 types of services of CMSMEs, where the associated service providers selected their respective services and challenges in service delivery and presented specific recommendations for the formulation of the framework. 

Another workshop took place to design the solution with the immediate service receivers CMSMEs on 14th September 2022. A total of 25 CMSMEs took part in the workshop. The workshop aimed to Involve the beneficiaries, CMSMEs/SMEs, in the process. 

The CMSMEs identified what would be the best way to implement the selected prototypes (develop the business canvas for the selected prototypes) where the service providers and the beneficiaries can work collaboratively in order to build the people powered portfolio.