The “ekShop Mishty Mukh campaign” was launched on 19th October 2021, organized online by ekShop. Through this campaign, traditional sweets from 15 districts will be collected from the entrepreneurs and delivered to the buyers in Dhaka. Before, traditional sweets were not marketed on such a large scale through online channels, hence were left out of consumer markets. Now, the buyers in Dhaka will be able to make purchases through ekShop’s website and app from small entrepreneurs (home-entrepreneurs) who were previously unmarketed. The “Mishty Mukh” campaign aimed to bring the benefits of the digital economy to the entrepreneurs of the districts concerned. The sweets of the campaign will be available at ekShop and e-Commerce sites like Foodpanda, BeShuddho, Parmeeda, and HungryNaki. Along with ekShop Delivery, eCourier is also the delivery partner of this campaign.