To bring back trust and transparency in the e-commerce industry, the Government is about to launch four initiatives.

Among them, Unique Business Identification Numbers (UBID) for any Business and Facebook based businesses and an Interoperable Digital Transaction Platform named ‘Binimoy’ are expected to be launched in March this year. The Central Complaint Management System (CCMS), a centralised system to handle complaints in conjunction with the Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection, is anticipated to be launched in February. Central logistical tracking platform (CLTP), a centralised effort to bring vendors, payment gateways and delivery partners under one platform, is planning to be launched soon.

The resolution of the complaint received via CCMS will start within seven to ten days and can be resolved in both physical and virtual arbitration. Meanwhile, companies will register for UBID through the Mygov platform, 333 Calls, apps, Websites and Digital Centers. 

The Ministry of Commerce is carrying out these initiatives with the technical assistance of the ICT Division of Bangladesh.