The #SheMeansBusiness program has been launched through a tri-partite partnership with the ICT Division’s Aspire to Innovate (a2i) program, Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BWCCI), and LightCastle Partners.

“Every day, we see women entrepreneurs overcoming odds and coming online to build their businesses. This not only transforms their lives and communities but also has an overwhelmingly positive impact on the economy. We are excited to bring our #SheMeansBusiness program to Bangladesh as part of Meta’s commitment to support women-owned businesses and help propel the country towards a more resilient, inclusive, and digital future,” said Beth Ann Lim, Director of Policy Programs and Government Outreach for the Asia Pacific and Global Head of #SheMeansBusiness at Meta.

According to Meta’s analysis, more than 70 percent of female-led businesses on Facebook in Bangladesh were set up during the pandemic. Since 2021, women have created 40 percent of the country’s entrepreneurship-focused Facebook groups.

“Even though small businesses are using online platforms, there is a gap in knowledge on how to leverage digital tools effectively to engage with existing and potential customers and expand businesses. We are happy to partner with Meta and help provide access to a series of workshops and online learning tools that will help Bangladeshi women entrepreneurs survive and thrive,” said Anir Chowdhury, Policy Advisor at Aspire Innovate under the ICT Division and Cabinet Division.

“Successful women entrepreneurs contribute to their families’ well-being and the country’s economy. We are excited to work with Meta to empower more women in both urban and rural areas with skills and resources so they can lead by example,” said Selima Ahmad MP, President, and Founder of BWCCI.

#SheMeansBusiness is now active in 38 countries around the world. Meta and its network of partners have trained more than one million women globally. Today, Bangladeshi women are joining the community. To learn more about how Meta supports women-owned small businesses, see: